Here are five simple things I did to reset my brain and try to overcome my device addictions This resulted in more focus, more concentration and allowed my mind to rest

Tip 1: Don’t check my phone within an hour of waking up

I set myself a simple task; no looking at my phone from the moment I wake up  until I get past North Sydney train station on my morning commute

Tip 2: Leave my phone out of arms reach

Leave it in your bag, in your bedroom or in the other room, on the far side of the table, anywhere that is not within arms reach. When my phone is readily accessible, I will automatically pick it up whenever there is a dull or quiet moment. Take away the temptation by making it harder to get to.

Tip 3: During lunch breaks, leave my phone at my desk

Leaving your phone at your work-space, as often as you can, is such a good idea. Especially for those who sit behind computers for most of the day. Generally you don’t need your phone when you are at lunch so leave it in your desk drawer. If you really do need to take your phone to lunch with you, leave it in your pocket the whole time.

Tip 4: Pick up my mobile device only if there is specific reason to do so (and stick to that reason!).

This is such a simple tip but it made such a big impact to curb my device addiction. By making device usage a conscious and deliberate action, I was able to see how many times I would automatically

Tip 5: Simply turn off the phone!

Turn your phone off for periods of the day (start with 30 minutes) and see how you feel.

Go outside, engage with your surrounds, paint that fence, talk to that beautiful girl/boy at the bus stop, simply look up

Mobile phone addiction (like any addiction) began because I didn’t set boundaries and limits for myself. Boundaries and discipline help us from continuing unhealthy habits especially

By setting some simple rules, like the ones below, I was able to create discipline and start to take control. One thing I was also was aware of was to be kind to myself when I was able to keep within the rules.

  • ‘I won’t take my phone out until I reach my destination’
  • ‘Only use it for a specific reason’
  • ‘Don’t look at my phone while data is loading!’

Make up whatever rules you need to, to help you put down your device and engage with the world.

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