I want to meditate more, spend more time reading books and to be healthier.


These good intentions are often overlooked due to the general speediness of life, work, city living and it’s unending distractions and simply laziness.

Here are five things that I found helpful in bringing spiritual and healthier aspects of my life into the foreground

Schedule (actually write down) healthy activities into my diary

Parties and other social events usually go into my phone or paper calendar. Activities such as gym, meditation practice, yoga or similiar pursuits don’t go into my calendar and don’t get priority.

To change this I began setting aside time and writing down these activities like any other engagement. This meant saving an hour for gym or a yin yoga class, or scheduling 15 minutes of meditation practice.

Before I started writing these down, these activities had to find time to ‘fit into’ my schedule. And what i found was that they were very easily ‘forgotten’.

Simply, by scheduling healthy activities into my calendar, I have something to stick to rather than something to fit in.

Keep a mixed group of friends

Having  a wider group of friends with differing interests support different aspects of my life.

There are some friends who I can rely on to; go to a meditation retreat with; help support me through tough times; and those that I can rely on to have a good night out on the town with.

Having friends with various backgrounds and varying influences is a positive step in keeping balance.

If I tended to socialise with the same group of people there may not be enough opportunity and support for me to experience a wider variety of things in life

Wake up earlier than normal

Mornings are great for personal quiet time, planning and productivity. This is especially true while living with others where we may feel obliged to hang out and socialize when everyone is up and together.

Mornings are recommended for meditation or yoga.

Really sit down and evaluate the benefits of a spiritual (or healthy) lifestyle.

Understand that it is going to be hard sometimes and be easy on yourself

We live in a world that is not always supportive of our lifestyles, whatever those lifestyles may be.

Do you feel like almost like everything is designed to take us away from the esoteric aspects of life.

Don’t be so hard on yourself that you are finding it difficult to follow the path as there are a lot of people who also struggle. Just be happy you are on still on your journey and path and take it one day at a time.

Make less of a distinction between ‘spiritual life’ and simply ‘life’

Sometimes I can be quite black and white, where I label something as “spiritual” or “not spiritual”, “good” or “bad”.

Getting older this distinction is getting blurrier, which  means I am less hard on myself and less judgemental, while still striving to achieve